Camp Cove

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Camp Cove is one of my favourite sites, reason being that it's perfect for a double dive and it's quite different from what you would see just on the other side of the Harbour.

You can dive the linear reef that runs parallel to the beach with one tank and then go south and do Green point with another tank. I have done both a few times, always at night

The linear reef, with its numerous overhangs, looks extremely promising but at a closer look, once you check all the crevices, it's moderately interesting.. Once you have done it back and forth , it's worth swimming in a wider circle checking out the sandy bottom, crocodile fish seem quite common here. The North end of the bay has big boulders and swim throughs, with sometimes Wobbegongs resting in them, but does not last long as after a while it becomes shallow and sandy.

The second dive is Green Point, at the Southern end of the bay. In the first 30 m from the beach, if you are lucky, you may see a Blue Devil hiding into a overhangs.

As the point turns SW leave the sandline and go deeper around 12-16 m till you start seeing the boulders. It does feel a bit like being in the middle of the Harbour, doesn't it, but the reward is an excellent array of colours with different sponges and interesting species such as the colourful smallhead sole, the eastern frogfish, the striate anglerfish, black rabbitfish (AKA Happy Moments for the painful sting to the fishermen handling it). It really feels like the more you look and the more you see, unfortunately the depth and the 300 meters from the beach limit the amount of time you can spend there, but it's 100% worth the swim.

Please note: all the GPS locations are in WGS84 datum.

Crocodile fish

Small head sole

Eastern Frogfish

Black Rabbitfish

Can you see the octopus?