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Two reefs can be dived here, the one surrounding the coast and the outer reef which is separated from the first one by about 40 m of sand in the closest point.


In both cases you can enter the water either by a 300 m long swim from the pool (i.e. from the rock platform right West of the pool) or from jumping in from the easternmost side of the point. For the latter, you really need one of those days with limited swell as waves clash against the terraced profile of the reef creating a lot of horizontal movement of water, always worth walking down checking the conditions before gearing up and selecting the place for jumping in after having observed for some minutes the dynamics of the waves. Depending on the tide, one good point may be in line with the vehicle access ramp (see picture above) which takes you right where the outer reef is closer to shore.

For the exit, swim till the pool (there is a channel in the reef but very tide dependent and rarely usable) or right after the pool for an easy exit.


The coastal reef

The coastal reef is ok to me, a 6/10 score with interesting swim-throughs, cracks and overhangs in the first 8 m of depth before the sandline, but the score is influenced by a moderate quantity of interesting sea life, apart from schools of yellowtail, eagle rays or rarely a Grey Nurse Shark. On the other hand, being right on the ocean, you never know what may pass by!

I found a bit of surge most of days here, even with limited swell.

The Isolated Reef

The isolated reef is quite huge, and realistically only the Western side can be explored from shore unless you have a sea scooter. In some points the isolated reef can be seen from the coastal reef on a good visibility day.

Its west side is quite flat with low rocks 1-1.5 m high on a 10-14 m deep seafloor. Eagle rays, Blue Gropers and Weedy Seadragons can be found here.

The East side of the isolated reef is more varied, with interesting walls and cracks ending on 18 m bottom and smaller reefs scattered further West. Still not much fauna even here.

The centre of the reef is mostly kelp or bright green seagrass with some rocks raising here and there, many sea tulips of different colour.

Detail of one of the entry point represented by a flat platform, but it is depending on tide beside requiring very limited swell to be doable. As a reference, note that it's more or less in line with the vehicle ramp

The wall on the Eastern side of the Isolated Reef, 3.5m high

Weedy Seadragons

Sea Turtle found on 8/2021

Sea Tulips on the outer reef

Landscape from the outer reef

The coastal reef and its boulders