Dee Why - Curl Curl

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The reef between Dee Why and Curl Curl have some interesting spots but considering the distance from the access points it has to be done either from a boat of with a sea scooter.

Coming from Dee Why and travelling South, the first third is not very interesting, the depth of the sandline is around 8-12m and not much happening there.

In the second and third third, the depth of the sandline increases, reaching 18-20m as you go South, the reef gets more varied and the number of sponges increases near the Easternmost area.

I normally do it with a scooter from the North Curl Curl lifesaving club, swell permitting. Be mindful that in one occasion I found a powerful rip starting from the north end of the beach. Exciting to scoot out at high speed, but very slow return even with the scooter at a higher than normal gear. A diver without a scooter would have hardly made any progress against the current, finishing the air pretty soon and far from the beach. I don't know whether these rips are frequent here, but I wanted to share my experience.

Whenever you venture far, and off popular dive sites, remember to carry with you a SMB (Surface Marker Buoy) and even better also a PLB (Personal Locator Beacon): models such as the Nautilus Lifeline Marine Rescue cost around $300, fit a pocket of the BCD and are a great resource if you get in trouble.

Here a video on the different types of devices available on the market, including the satellite-enabled.