19/11/2022 - the first edition of the map is available, enjoy it!

It's the result of 5 dives and 16 km of GPS tracing with the sea scooter, with special focus on the main areas of interest, such as the exit points that are easy to miss, investing about 60 hours between field and computer work. Yet, if you spot any opportunity for improvement, please reach out to Marco Bordieri on Facebook or send an email to the team at vizgroupsydney@gmail.com.

All the important information has been indicated in the box on the map, please have a look.
Mind that the image you see on this page does not represent the full resolution file, for that, download the file from here in the following formats: JPG and PDF (the PDF file allows infinite zoom-ins, hence more flexible than the JPG, but mind that it's 56MB) 

Detail of The Leap to the Steps

Detail of THE STEPS

Detail of the Steps to the Monuments


As a curiosity: the previous best overall map, from SEED - NSW Government